Replication material entries

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PublicationShort title
9Kuhn U, Hevenstone D, Vandecasteele L, Sepahniya S, Kessler D. "Unemployment Insurance and the Family: Heterogeneous effects of benefit generosity on re-employment and economic precarity." 2024
8Kübler D, Strebel MA. "Populism and the scales of statehood. Localism and populist attitudes in Western Europe." 2024
7Strebel MA, Schakel AH. "When do subnational jurisdictional mergers impact voting?" 2023
6Nachtwey O, Seidl T. "The Solutionist Ethic and the Spirit of Digital Capitalism." 2023
5Wiesli TX, Przepiorka W. "Does Living in a Protected Area Reduce Resource Use and Promote Life Satisfaction?" 2023
4Strebel, MA, Mach A. From local champions to global players: a long-term perspective on Swiss companies’ connections across territorial scales. 2022
2Marquis L, Tresch A. "The Accessibility and Electoral Consequences of Issue Competence Perceptions: Evidence from the Swiss 2019 Election." 2022
1Marquis L. "Using Response Times to Enhance the Reliability of Political Knowledge Items: An Application to the 2015 Swiss Post-Election Survey." 2021