FORS replication service

Welcome to the FORS replication service dedicated to the sharing of replication materials!


The FORS replication service allows the Swiss social science research community to share the materials needed for the replication of analyses of journal article publications.

It is a free service run by the data service of the Swiss Centre of Expertise in the Social Sciences (FORS), which complements the online platform SWISSUbase, dedicated to the archiving and sharing of research data.

Researchers in the social sciences are invited to upload all relevant documentation and information (code, syntax, metadata, partial datasets, …) into the FORS replication service and link them with the related publication.

Once reviewed and accepted by the FORS data expert team, the replication materials receive a DOI, are published, citable, and become accessible without any registration or restriction. A click on the DOI link leads directly to the page allowing the free download of the materials.

More details about the deposit procedure, as well as the acceptance criteria, are available here .